Ebo Catpal - Enabot
Ebo Catpal - Enabot
Ebo Catpal - Enabot
Ebo Catpal - Enabot
Ebo Catpal - Enabot
Ebo Catpal - Enabot
Ebo Catpal - Enabot

Ebo Familybot

🎦 Act as your moving camera at home
📷 1080P Full HD camera for videos and photos
👥 Real-time 2-way communication 💞
🕹 Interact & Chat anytime, anywhere

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Main Features

Access Anywhere

Capture, Record and Play

Autonomous movements

Real-life interaction

Social sharing APP

Self-Return to Charging Dock

Set a Schedule

Present in Ebo Pro Artificial Intelligence

A fun, healthy, and safe full-time friend

Mimic Real-life Interactions

Interchangeable Accessories

Ebo’s interchangeable accessories keep your cat endlessly entertained

Always Gives You Peace of Mind

Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

Ebo changes direction automatically with its built-in collision sensor.

Self Return-To-Dock

When Ebo is running low on power, it will return to its dock and begin charging. Once you take Ebo out of the box, you'll never have to lift a finger again.


Ebo Mobile Friendly App

Download the Ebo App on your phone to interact with your family any time!




  Description Parameter
Size Dimension Weight 76mm*76mm*70mm 223g
Battery Parameter Battery life Fullcharge 7.6V @ 1100mAh 120 mintues(automous mode) 2 hours
Wireless connection WiFi 2.4G max 20m away from router 802.11.b/g/n
Processor CPU ARM926 @ 800MHZ+CORTEX M4 @ 168MHZ
Velocity Maximum 1.6m/s
Camera Specs Video Photo 1080p @ 30fps 1920*1080
Storage Main Storage 16GB/32GB
Transmission Video 480p @ 30fps
Sensor Gesture
Infrared Sensor
Starlight CMOS image sensor
6-axis IMU
X 6
Motor Brushless Motor X 2
Charging Input Voltage
Input Current
600mA max
Charging Stand Input
12V @ 1A max
12V @ 600mA max(Ebo)
5V @ 20mA max(Collar)
Collar Battery Sensor 3.7 @ 55mAh, wireless charging, upto 30 days on a single charge 6-axis accelerometer , gyroscope

Ebo Standard Classic Set

Ebo Standard Luxury Set