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FOX NEWS: How this robot helps you protect and connect your home?

Jan 02,2024 | Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report

 By Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report 

Have you ever wished you had a device that could do more than just play music, answer questions, or control your smart home? A device that could move around your house, keep an eye on your loved ones, and even chat with them face-to-face? Well, your wish has come true with EBO X, a round, adorable robot on wheels that could possibly help your family live a more balanced life.

What can this robot do?

Alexa-enabled, unlike previous generations, EBO X is three home devices rolled into one: A self-moving robot that utilizes V-SLAM technology, it can map your home into unique sections. Then, you can name each section, and EBO X will monitor these specific areas as requested.

How this robot helps you protect and connect your home

The premium speaker with Harman AudioEFX on EBO X means not only can you enjoy 2-way communications, but music wherever you go. EBO X is equipped with a 4K stabilized camera with night vision, making it excellent for home security and active monitoring.

How this robot helps you protect and connect your home

Can a robot keep you better protected?

While it’s hard to imagine that such a friendly-looking robot could be a great security device, its unique design enables it to effectively protect your home and loved ones.

EBO X can monitor your house and your family members, and alert you of any potential dangers or emergencies. EBO X can do this with its Auto Navigation and AI Face Recognition technology, which allows EBO X to patrol your house and recognize your family members.

How this robot helps you protect and connect your home

Not only does it have an X3M chip coupled with tens of thousands of training data, but it will also use V-SLAM technology to learn your home and allow you to control where and when to monitor.

How this robot helps you protect and connect your home

Some of the ways that EBO X can protect your family 

Elderly fall alert: EBO X can detect if an elderly person falls down during auto-cruising and send alerts to you or other contacts through three optional ways: phone call, text message, or email.

Crying & call-for-help alert: EBO X can detect if your child is crying or if anyone at home is calling for help, and trigger an app call to you. You can then talk to them and see what’s going on through EBO X’s camera and speaker.

Facial recognition & medication reminder: EBO X can help you take care of your elderly loved ones, even if you don’t live with them. You can set a medication reminder task for EBO X in the EBO HOME app, and EBO X will find the person by facial recognition and remind them to take their medication by voice. *Note: The facial recognition function requires saving face information in advance.

How this robot helps you protect and connect your home

Designated zone trespassing alert: EBO X can guard certain areas that you don’t want anyone to enter, such as dangerous or private zones. You can set these zones in the EBO HOME app, and EBO X will send you an intrusion alert if someone enters them without permission.

Fixed-location & auto-cruising security: EBO X can secure your home from intruders, by detecting any abnormal movement in a fixed location or during auto-cruising. EBO X will notify you in the app, and you can see what’s happening through EBO X’s camera.

How this robot helps you protect and connect your home

Can a robot keep your family better connected and make your life easier?

Beyond the security benefits of a family companion robot, that also might make you feel less alone, EBO X has the potential to make your and your family’s lives easier. EBO X has a feature-rich design made to keep you aware of your family's well-being whether you are somewhere else in the home or at work. Below are 10 ways in which EBO-X can keep your family better connected and possibly make your life a bit easier.

1) Alexa enabled means that it can seamlessly integrate with your smart home. Unlike other other Alexa-enabled devices that might be location-specific, EBO X can come to you wherever you are to listen to Alexa requests.

2) You can tell EBO X to follow you, and it will follow where it is allowed to go, making it a constant help or companion. This is great for kids or pets, who keep some extra company.

3) EBO X allows for real-time 2-way communication. If you’re not at home but want to communicate with your loved ones, you can talk to them through the app. If your loved one is at home with EBO X and wants to reach you, that individual can initiate a call or video call with simple vocal commands. This is especially great for homes with kids or adults who can't text or call out using a mobile device.

4) If you want to leave a message for your family, you can send a text in the app, and EBO X will not only convert the text to a voice message, but it will find the correct recipient and speak the message aloud to them.

5) With multiple family logins, you can invite five members to join a chat, which can show what EBO X sees (video), making those moments more personal.

6) You can assign different messages or reminders to keep your family organized. One less thing for you to have to remember.

7) Curious about your family members, including pets, when you’re not at home? Because EBO X is lower to the ground, can move, and rotate, you can make sure not only to get cute images and videos of your family but also monitor their well-being.

How this robot helps you protect and connect your home

8) EBO X can capture a video or photo of the whole family with a simple vocal command, making special moments easier to capture and more complete.

9) Because EBO X can be controlled by App, voice control, and touch (biometrics), it can be a useful companion to all members of the family.

10) And to add a little flair to any affair, you can adjust the colors and lighting effects to even match the rhythm of a song.

Privacy and safety considerations

As with any smart device, privacy, and safety are worthwhile considerations. With user privacy and control in mind, EBO X can be controlled through the app; you can manually press down the camera, or press the privacy button if you want surveillance to stop. You can rest assured that you can sign a privacy agreement when saving face information to keep it stored locally.

Though it has obstacle avoidance and edge detection, it would have more challenges in homes with edges or heights with a 7 mm drop or carpets over 5 mm in height. Now, if only EBO X could climb stairs, it'd be the perfect family companion robot.