Our story

We are a team of engineers, geeks as well as pet owners.

As any pet owner would be, we are deeply passionate about taking care of the pets in our lives. However, we also know how difficult it is to look after our pets at all times. We constantly worry about our pets being left alone while we are working or have to be apart from them. We are aware of the increasing rate of pet obesity and neglect in the past years, and we wanted to create a solution.

So, we put our minds together and after working on over 100 iterations and undergoing rigorous rounds of testing, we are proud to finally showcase Ebo to the public. We made sure to make Ebo smart and packed with advanced features, as cats are natural problem solvers and amazingly skilled learners. Thanks to the advancement of robotics and AI technology, we were able to develop a playmate that is able to play, mimic, learn, and adapt, all from the feline perspective. Not only can it serve as a companion to keep your pet happy and active, but it also allows you to interact with your pet no matter where you are. Ebo is a real-life companion for your feline friend and also a connecting medium for you and your pet.

Ebo Catpal - Enabot
Ebo Catpal - Enabot

Our core beliefs

We created Ebo because we love our cats. As busy working people, we are not always able to be at home with our pets. However, we still care deeply about their health and development. Our pets are our family members, and we want to make sure they get the best care even when we’re not around. The core of our business revolves around three main values: Love, Companionship, and Sharing.

Ebo Catpal - Enabot


With Ebo,you can show your cat you love them by interacting with them form anywhere in the world

Ebo Catpal - Enabot


Ebo is the smartest pet companion in the world and the perfect play mate when you’re not available

Ebo Catpal - Enabot


Record,edit,and share all the happy moments of your cat with family and friends