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produktnamn EBO X Family Robot Companion
Produktmodell EBO X
Produktens mått L168mm × B168mm × H218mm (exklusive laddningsdocka)
L168mm × B227mm × H221mm (inklusive laddningsdocka)
produkt vikt 1700g (±20g)
Upplösning UHD, FHD, HD, SD
Kamera FOV 106°
Kamera F/N 1.8
Mikrofontyp Ring 4 mikrofoner
Högtalareffekt 8W*1
Motortyp Borstlös direktdriven navmotor
Batterikapacitet 2500mAh
Bedömd ingång 19V-2A
Nominell effekt 9W (När roboten står stilla och videon streamas)
Laddningstid 2H
Batteri-liv 2-3H
Kommunikationsläge 2,4G/5G Wi-Fi
Utseende Material PC+ABS
Kardan Beskrivning Enkelaxlig kardan
Toppfart 1,5 m/s
Klättringsvinkel <=15°
Hinderhöjd <=10 mm
Driftljud <=26dB
Ljudkodningsformat AAC\PCM
Videokodningsformat H265
Automatisk laddning Vision och infraröd
LED-specifikationer RGB
Utökat minnesstöd 16G - 256G
Filformat för minneskort MP4

Quick Start Usage Video

Test Videos

The Obstacle Surmounting Height Test (10mm&13mm)
Test on Thick Carpet
Self-balanced Test1_Obstacle
Self-balanced Test2_Pull & Push
Dynamic Lighting Effects. Test
Sound Source Location Test
Accelerated Aging Test
Movable Harman AudioEFX Test
Smart Tracking Test
Speaker Volume Test
Privacy Protection Set-up Test
App Control Test
Fall Alert Test
Fall Alert Test- Falling Down Suddenly
Fall Alert Test- Falling Down from Sofa, not Lying on the Ground
Fall Alert Test- Falling Down from Sofa, Lying on the Ground
EBO Home App 3D Animation & Customised Light Effects
Fall Alert In the DARK

Tutorial Videos

What's in the Box?
How to Reset & Upgreade Firmware?
How to bind your EBO X to the App?
How to wake up EBO X & give voice commands?
How to use EBO X's Smart Mapping & Security features?
How to play music with EBO X?
How to adjust EBO X's Light Settings?
How to Use EBO X's Function Display?
EBO X Walking on different planes
How to Add Local Membes?
How to Enter Privacy Mode?


Android 1.1.0 & IOS 1.0.9 ( 202 31 229 )
1. Added a  comprehensive list of voice commands. 
2. Optimized the interaction experience for smart guardian tasks. 
3. Added user tips for certain new features.
4. Fixed some known issues.
*Kindly Remind:
1. Please upgrade both of  EBO Home App and Firmware to the latest version.
2. Please feel free to contact us via if any questions after upgrading.